Vilken växt? – Which plant?

Tonight I walked around the block and photographed a lot. I walked past this hedge? Or it´s a ferns that have grown so big? I need your readers’ help with what it is for the plant. I immediately thought it was a fern because the leaves are similar to it!

EDIT! The mystery is solved!

The mystery is solved! My blog buddy “Jag” knew it was Rhus typhina and several blog buddies agreed!

Ikväll gick jag en runda runt kvarteret och fotade en hel del. Jag gick förbi denna häcken? eller är det ormbunkar som vuxit sig så stora? Jag behöver er läsares hjälp med vad det är för växt. Jag trodde direkt att det var en ormbunke för bladen liknar det!

EDIT! Mysteriet är löst!

Gåtan är löst! Min bloggkompis “Jag” visste det var Rönnsumak och flera bloggkompisar höll med!

Klicka på fotot för att se det i större storlek-Click on the photo to see it in larger size.

Vilken växt – Which plant.
John Jonasson

Om John Jonasson

Jag är en hobbyfotograf som främst tycker om att vara ute i naturen. Jag fotar även mycket annat såsom människor i sin naturliga miljö. Med min bästa kompis, Åke Nilsson, har jag denna bloggen tillsammans med. I am a hobby photographer who mostly likes to be out in nature. I also shoot much more like people in their natural environment. With my best friend, Åke Nilsson, I have this blog together with.

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    1. John JonassonJohn Jonasson Inläggsförfattare

      It´s certainly was Dries! If I had 5% of your knowledge that you have in South Africa´s nature for the Swedish, I have been pleasured!?

        1. John JonassonJohn Jonasson Inläggsförfattare

          I read on the news that the government in South Africa should take all land that is not used, is it true? Should “white” people lose their land?

          1. Profilbildde Wets Wild

            Land is a very emotive issue in South Africa, John, and there are extremists on both sides of the debate who will stop at nothing to twist and turn every situation into a political point scoring match instead of trying to find common ground. It is true that centuries of colonial rule and decades of apartheid has dispossessed and disenfranchised millions of South Africans from land they lived on and cultivated for generations. But it is also true most land owners today, white and black, acquired their farms, plots and other property through legal buying and selling. 25 years after apartheid ended, the Government is still trying to address the “land issue”, this expropriation policy now being the latest plan. They’ve indicated that they would be targeting unused land parcels – both state and privately owned, and in both rural and urban settings – to distribute to poor black people so they can have the means to make a home and a living instead of eaking out an existence in shanties on the city fringes. The opponents of the plan sees the multitude of opportunities it will create for corruption and abuse, and fear that it will unfairly target the white minority as happened in neighbouring Zimbabwe.