Modellfotografering II – Model photography II

Yesterday we had model photography at Backaskog castle. In addition to the family I showed in my last post we had three girls as models. Conditions for photography were difficult for me as most of the photos were backlit, something I find difficult. I took many photos and I chose these photos today.

There were three lovely girl models who were happy and really easy to photograph. More photos will hopefully come, I haven’t looked at them all yet.

Igår hade vi modellfotografering vid Bäckaskog slott. Förutom Familjen som jag visade i mitt förra inlägg hade vi tre tjejer som modeller. Förhållanden att fotografera var svårt för mig då de flesta foton var i motljus, något jag tycker är svårt. Jag tog många foton och jag valde de här fotona idag.

Det var tre härliga tjejmodeller som var glada och verkligen var lätta att fotografera. Fler foton kommer förhoppningsvis, jag har inte kollat alla riktigt än.

Fotomodell-Photo model.
Fotomodell-Photo model.
Fotomodell-Photo model.
Fotomodell-Photo model.
Fotomodell och fotograf Åke.
John Jonasson

Om John Jonasson

Jag är en hobbyfotograf som främst tycker om att vara ute i naturen. Jag fotar även mycket annat såsom människor i sin naturliga miljö. Med min bästa kompis, Åke Nilsson, har jag denna bloggen tillsammans med. I am a hobby photographer who mostly likes to be out in nature. I also shoot much more like people in their natural environment. With my best friend, Åke Nilsson, I have this blog together with.

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    1. John JonassonJohn Jonasson Inläggsförfattare

      Tack Melker!😊 Visst är det vackert med motljus foton, men jag tycker det är svårt att fota. Något jag måste träna på…

      1. Profilbildlindasschaub

        I know you said that when you did the two young women a while ago and also when you shot at the new mall. I am going to do a post when I get time of a pony livery at the park. I want to use some pictures of me as a kid riding a pony, and a horse … so the kids go for pony rides, something most kids do as a kid. We had a guy who used to walk his pony through the neighborhood and knock on the door and ask if you wanted a picture of your child on it in front of the house for a small fee. So anyway, there were some kids and I was taking these young kids on top of the ponies and the parents were smiling and I said it brought back memories, then a little girl comes along, maybe 5 years old with a man, assuming it was her father. She had on a helmet and the guy leading the pony said “you don’t need it – they are very quiet” … the guy said “I want it anyway” and was rude about it. So she was sitting on the pony and squealing in delight and I took her picture … the father came stomping over to me and said “don’t you dare use her picture!” I said “fine – it’s just a private blog and reminded me of me – I apologize” … I would never have thought to ask permission. So I went back to the other family and said that I took some pictures and I carry the name of my blog on me to hand out to people if I’ve chatted with them, etc.” So I gave them the info and asked permission and they seemed surprised I asked, so I told them about the guy and what he said. So, now going forward, I’ll take shots of kids from the back or ask. Or stick to squirrels … they are safer and don’t rebel!