Grass snakes lack piles of eggs

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Shortly from the article in the newspaper almost two years ago. I am very worried after the municipality has removed the grass snakes’ egg laying piles that they so much need. The grass snake is Sweden’s only egg-laying snake and needs these large piles that generate heat, as a compost does. For a grass snake to develop well, a temperature inside the pile of at least 25°C is required. The municipal manager in charge, Jonas Schrevelius explains everything. He thinks it should be cleaned up so it looks nice for tourists!

Jonas went on to say that vegetation needs to be removed. Sure, but not the grass snakes’ egg laying piles that are not near much vegetation. I and many others believe it is because they want the snakes removed because many people are afraid of snakes. Then I say and more with me, walk somewhere else! Jonas Schrevelius was also asked, this was in December, if they could restore the grass snake’s habitat. Then he said, it can be done, that we should fix it! Could have a composting effect of three months ??? Jonas also said that grass snakes were not as much protected as vipers!

I contacted one of Sweden’s best known and knowledgeable animal connoisseurs and experts in herpetology, Jonas Wahlström, at Skansen, and told them what the municipality did. He was very upset, but unfortunately he is a very busy man. He also said that Jonas Schrevelius statement that grass snakes are not as protected as vipers are so very wrong! You have the right to kill a viper in your yard if you feel threatened, he said. Since last fall until a month ago I have been ill, but now I am starting to get well again and can soon deal with all the problems Kristianstad Municipality is doing!


Facts about the grass snake.

The grass snake is nationally protected and the species must not be killed, damaged or moved without the permission of the county administrative board. Because it´s for humans and their pets completely harmless snake does not imply any danger of having a snake on their own land.

Facts: County Administrative Board, Sweden.

Article about grass snakes.
Två snokar ligger och njuter i värmen