Eftermiddag i tivoliparken – Afternoon in the tivoli park

Yesterday was the first working day after two weeks’ holiday. I stopped at dinner because I had a doctor’s time at one. After that I drove first to the snake trail to see if I could see some grass snakes, but not. Then I drove to the nice tivoli park. In the summer there are always people who enjoy and relax.

I went through the rose garden where there were both older people and a couple of small children. When I came to the tivoli park there were about fifty ducks fed by both adults and children. I also photographed the beautiful ancient cottage, the theater and the old savings bank building. Old Savings Bank building has been named Kristianstad’s most beautiful building several times, and you can see why.

Igår var första arbetsdagen efter två veckors semester. Jag slutade vid middag för jag hade läkartid klockan ett. Efter det körde jag först till snokleden för att se om jag kunde se några snokar, men inte. Därefter körde jag till den fina tivoliparken. På sommaren är där alltid folk som njuter och relaxar.

Jag gick genom rosenträdgården där det satt både äldre människor och ett par små barn. När jag kom till tivoliparken var där säkert ett femtiotal med änder som blev matade av både vuxna och barn. Jag fotograferade även den vackra fornstugan, teatern och gamla sparbankshuset. Gamla sparbankshuset har blivit utsett till Kristianstads vackraste byggnad flera gånger, och man ser varför.

Klicka på bilderna för att se dem i större storlek-Click on the images to see them in larger size.

Vilostund i rosenträdgården-Resting in the rose garden.
Både barn och vuxna har roligt med änderna-Both children and adults have fun with the ducks
Fornstugan-The Ancient cottage.
Kristianstads teater-Kristianstad’s theater.
Kristianstads vackraste byggnad-Kristianstad’s most beautiful building
John Jonasson

Om John Jonasson

Jag är en hobbyfotograf som främst tycker om att vara ute i naturen. Jag fotar även mycket annat såsom människor i sin naturliga miljö. Med min bästa kompis, Åke Nilsson, har jag denna bloggen tillsammans med. I am a hobby photographer who mostly likes to be out in nature. I also shoot much more like people in their natural environment. With my best friend, Åke Nilsson, I have this blog together with.

8 Svar på “Eftermiddag i tivoliparken – Afternoon in the tivoli park”

    1. John JonassonJohn Jonasson Inläggsförfattare

      yes, the city is in the middle of a wetland with nature all around. When the Danes founded the city, in 1614, it was precisely because it was protected by the wetlands.

  1. Profilbildlindasschaub

    This is a beautiful place John – and not only picturesque but those ducks would be a draw for me too. I wonder how those ducklings are doing that you found last Summer? All grown up now I guess. I ran into people at Elizabeth Park who visit the park late afternoon daily to feed the ducks. The ducks know the van and will come up the hill and even out of the water to greet the people and get the food. 🙂

    1. John JonassonJohn Jonasson Inläggsförfattare

      Thanks Linda!? Unfortunately Have the municipality stopped caring about the birds. Well we have 2 bird ponds in the tivoli park but they have ended theirs support. But the ducks can find food everywhere.? Very sad is in my neighbor where we have a pond where the ducks thrives. They started the water 3 days ago, over 2 months late and the sea grass and the ducks is confused. They building a new children park and renovated the bath for 1.5 US$ and here where is many refugees they destroy all…

      1. Profilbildlindasschaub

        Can’t like this post really when I read about the fate of the the waterfowl because why do the municipalities quit caring for the birds and wildlife – they are so important to us and only when they are gone maybe they will be smarter but then it is too late. I did enjoy seeing the ducks lined up. I am finally going out today to some parks – first I had the garage door incident and couldn’t get the car out, then smashed the tip of my finger, then it’s been very hot or oppressive heat as you have now and/or raining/storming … not a fun Summer.
        Hope to see some ducks and taking vinyl boots to walk in sloppy areas.