Citadellets borggård – Citadel’s courtyard

The interior of Landskrona’s citadel is buildings that are five meters thick! Once Sweden after several attempts of the Danes’ failure to regain Scania stopped so transformed the citadel into a prison, in 1827, for life-sentenced.

Major changes were made in the 1860s. A prison building was added and the eastern roundabout was converted into a prison cell. In a fire in 1886, the main building was damaged, after which the two upper floors were merged. During the 20th century, the prison was used as a forced labor facility for women until 1940 !!! This was Sweden at that time. But all countries have their demons, right? Read the information board picture!

Det inre av Landskronas citadell är byggnader som är som tjockast fem meter! När väl Sverige efter flera försök av danskarnas misslyckande att återta Skåne slutat så omvandlades citadellet till ett fängelse, 1827, för livstidsdömda.

På 1860-talet gjordes stora förändringar. En fängelsebyggnad tillkom och den östra rundeln byggdes om till cellfängelse. Vid en brand 1886 skadades huvudbyggnaden, varefter de två övre våningarna blev sammanslagna. Under 1900-talet användes fängelset som tvångsarbetsanstalt för kvinnor fram till 1940!!! Detta var Sverige på den tiden. Men alla länder har sina demoner, eller? Läs informationstavlan!

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Borggårdens byggnader-The courtyard buildings.
Borggårdens byggnader-The courtyard buildings.
Borggårdens byggnader-The courtyard buildings.
Borggårdens byggnader-The courtyard buildings.
Informationstavla-Information board.
John Jonasson

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Jag är en hobbyfotograf som främst tycker om att vara ute i naturen. Jag fotar även mycket annat såsom människor i sin naturliga miljö. Med min bästa kompis, Åke Nilsson, har jag denna bloggen tillsammans med. I am a hobby photographer who mostly likes to be out in nature. I also shoot much more like people in their natural environment. With my best friend, Åke Nilsson, I have this blog together with.

9 Svar på “Citadellets borggård – Citadel’s courtyard”

  1. Profilbildde Wets Wild

    Very interesting history, again, John!
    It is easy to judge the past now with our current views. But we must remember that the world was different then with different standards and even our “progressive society” of today might be harshly criticized in a 100 years…

  2. Profilbildlindasschaub

    I expect that when prisoners were assigned to be there during this building’s history, they didn’t bother with an escape plan and just resigned themselves to their lot in life.

      1. Profilbildlindasschaub

        That’s amazing because it looked “escape proof” but that is what they said about Alcatraz Island and there were a few escapes as well. In fact, I just looked it up – I went on a tour in California and we saw Alcatraz Island and it says of the 36 people who escaped, only 2 were never found – 23 recaptured, 6 shot and killed and 2 drowned and the other 2 are presumed dead. Since it was heavily guarded and an island, they assumed no one could get out … guess they were wrong,

  3. ProfilbildCheryl Johnson

    My great-great grandfather, Lars Johan Jonsson was sentenced to life prison there in 1842 as a 14 year old boy. He served 14 years and came to America when he got out. Started a new life with an Irish wife.