About us

Skrevs den av

We at The Photo Bloggers are two photographers who have photographed for a few years. We are both from the same city, Sölvesborg, but John, moved to Kristianstad in 2002 for the rehabilitation of a herniated disc. Both John, and Åke have known each other all the time and grown up in the same area of the small city, Sölvesborg. They are best friends and socialize quite often, given that we live about 40 km apart. Both, like most, have both similarities and differences.

About Åke Nilsson

Åke is a very active photographer who is very fond of street photography, he has, in addition to the Canon SLR, even a small camera, Fujifilm. He always has it when he leaves home. Åke also like very much to photograph wildlife, and most of what is interesting. Åke lives a little bit outside Sölvesborg, in the countryside, so he is close to nature and the sea.

Åke Nilsson.

About John Jonasson

John is primarily a devoted nature photographer but who likes to shoot everything! In addition to photographing, he likes to post on the common blog Åke and John have together. He thinks so much about joining the blog and making posts like photographing and editing photos. Posting on the blog is John and Åke’s biggest difference, because Åke is not interested in blogging. Because John works full time, there is not much time on late autumn and winters to photograph. But he has a large photo archive that he shows in his posts.

John Jonasson.